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Home Renovation Happenings

There is a lot to think about when you’re renovating a home. You need to make many decisions, starting with what contractor to use and how much money you want to spend. It helps if you have a clear vision for how you want your home to look when you’re done. If you’re not sure what it is that you want yet, take some time to look through my blog. I’ll discuss everything from home additions to flooring materials to appliances and fixtures. These articles will help you get a sense of the possibilities for your home renovation, and help you narrow down your options. Eventually, you’ll decide on the renovations that are right for you.

Home Renovation Happenings

  • Want To Sell Your Home? Hire A Plumber To Switch Out Several Features

    13 August 2019

    While living in a home that you own, you may have invested somewhat heavily into various plumbing features. If you are planning to list your home for sale in the near future, you may not want to leave these features behind for the new owners to enjoy. This means that you will need to switch them out for basic features and bring the existing ones with you to your new home.

  • 3 Great Tips To Consider When Purchasing A Residential Sprinkler System

    1 July 2019

    If you want to have a beautiful lawn, then it's essential to purchase a residential sprinkler system. This way, you can water your grass automatically. There are many sprinkler systems available for residential properties, but you can make the right selection by keeping these tips in mind.  Assess Water Coverage of Sprinkler Heads The sprinkler heads are one of the more important components of a residential sprinkler system, as they are the part that administers water to your lawn.

  • Pros & Cons Of Restoring An Old Chimney Instead Of Replacing It

    22 May 2019

    That old chimney has been a part of your old house for a long time, but it is causing you a lot of problems. As a homeowner, you have a few different choices in this situation: you can either have the chimney restored or have it fully replaced. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of restoration over replacement to help you decide what will be best. 

  • Copper Vs. Plastic Pipes: Which Is The Best Choice For Repiping Your Home?

    9 April 2019

    When the pipes in your home's plumbing become entirely clogged with limescale or begin to frequently break or develop leaks, it's time to repipe your home. Pipes used in plumbing don't last forever, so you will eventually need to completely replace old and damaged pipes. Repiping your home can be a major expense, so it's important to carefully choose the types of pipe you use for replacements. Here's some information about copper and plastic plumbing pipes to help you make a decision on which material to use when you repipe your home.

  • Why Crane Inspections Are Important In Construction

    24 February 2019

    Whether you operate a crane on a regular basis or you have a crane that you only use for special construction purposes, keeping your machinery in great condition is key to operating a safe work site. You should have your crane inspected regularly for a few reasons. A crane inspection should only be done by a licensed professional. Here are reasons why this type of inspection is important. You protect valuable equipment