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Home Renovation Happenings

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Home Renovation Happenings

Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Tree-Damaged Roof

Pamela Gonzales

When an unexpected storm brings high winds and heavy rains, you will have no time to protect your home from hanging and loose tree branches close to your house. During the storm, if you hear a crash on your roof that turns out to be from the impact of a tree branch, you should begin preparing for the process of getting your roof repaired immediately. If you have never had to deal with roof damage from trees, the following guide can help you navigate the repair process.

Safety and Insurance

After you make sure that no one in your house is injured, move everyone to a safe location. If the power went out after the branch hit, you may have downed wires. Call the police and your utility company to report the possibility of fallen wires with electricity still running through them in your yard and neighborhood.

Once you have alerted the authorities, call your insurance company as soon as possible so you can report the incident and get the ball rolling on filing a claim to get reimbursed for any roofing repairs. The insurance company will dispatch an adjustor to file a report.

Branch Removal and Evaluating the Damage

Do not worry if the branch or debris comes from a tree in your neighbor's yard. Your homeowner's insurance policy will cover the cost of fixing the damage according to the Insurance Information Institute. Your policy may even cover the cost of removing fallen trees and branches from your yard.

Call a tree removal service to come to your home as soon as possible to remove the tree debris. Do not attempt this on your own. If your roof is unstable or the branch is from a damaged tree, you will risk your safety. Since your insurance policy will cover the removal costs, leave all of the cleanup and repair to trained professionals.

Even if you do not see any obvious damage or have any branches on your roof, there could still be damage to your house. Conduct a thorough inspection of your attic and ceiling to look for leaks, waters stains and cracks.

Branches can also puncture the roof surface, crack rafters and bend roof sheathing. Related damage may include missing shingles and metal pieces around siding and chimneys.

Roof Repair Claim Essentials

Reputable roofing professionals offer emergency repair services and will come to your home even after regular business hours to evaluate the damage to your home and provide you with an estimate. Obtaining an estimate as soon as possible is crucial. You need the document to submit with your insurance claim. Some roofers can also help you evaluate the insurance adjuster's report. The contractor will let you know if claim amount determined by the insurance company is sufficient for the needed repairs.

Prevention Tips

While it is impossible to prevent damage from severe weather, you can lessen the chance that trees will harm your roof. If you purchase a home with older trees next to your home, hire a tree removal service to get rid of the tall plants. Dead limbs and branches are hazards that are easy to get rid of.

Never plant trees close to your house. As the trees mature, your home becomes vulnerable to built up tree debris that can clog gutters and facilitate the growth of mold, moss, lichens and algae on the roof.

The debris will not only make your roof look unsightly with green and dark spots, it can shorten the lifespan of shingles and tiles. In areas that experience freezing temperatures, roof debris can also speed up damage from frost and cause shingles to crack.

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