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Home Renovation Happenings

6 Bathroom Upgrades Ideal For Athletes

Pamela Gonzales

To help maintain the best shape and physical condition, athletes must properly take care of their bodies. This is why the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home for an athlete.

There are six upgrades you can implement into a home bathroom remodeling job. Each upgrade focuses specifically on different areas of the body.

Walk-In Tubs

Stepping over a large bathtub can create strain on knees, thighs, and ankles. The large step into a deep tub can also create potential slipping accidents. These accidents can pull muscles or break bones at the worst.

The installation of a walk-in tub makes it easy to step in and get in a comfortable position. This also makes it easier to get out of the tub once all the water has drained. Newer tubs also have advanced features so that the door can open automatically with the press of a button.

Steam Showers

A long steam after working out or playing sports can be relaxing and help soothe muscles. Instead of using a steam room at a gym, contractors can upgrade your shower to feature steaming capabilities.

The addition of glass door enclosures can help keep the steam in and create a comfortable experience. In addition to the steaming capabilities, a contractor can install a small bench or seat on the side of the shower. This will make it easier to sit and enjoy the steam.

Ice Bucket Stands

An ice bath is a great way to help soothe muscles and reduce inflammation for athletes. When taking a cold bath, you can add more chill with some extra ice. One of the easiest ways to access the ice while in the bath is with an ice bucket stand.

These stands are installed directly next to the tub. There are a variety of stand materials to choose from including brass and silver. The design can match your tub and allows you to use ice in the bath on a daily basis.

Bathtub Jets

A hot tub often features jets and massaging bubbles to help with muscle and back pain. Instead of purchasing a separate hot tub, you have the ability to get a bath installed that has jet features. The jets can be installed for just the back or run down the length of the tub so that the whole body is covered.

Advanced features of bathtub jets include heating elements and dispensers for a variety of scents. Your shower can also include a variety of jets and massaging upgrades. For example, an adjustable shower head can feature water massaging heads that can be used on any part of your body.

Scale & Mirror Installations

Being aware of the shape you're in is important for keeping peak conditioning. In your bathroom, there a couple of upgrades that can help you examine your athletic shape.

  • Scales: Advanced bathroom scales can showcase a lot more than just weight. Extra features of these scales includes details on your BMI and daily calorie intake recommendations.
  • Full Length Mirrors: Wall mirrors give you the ability to examine your body, flex, and check the progression of any athletic injuries.

Privacy Windows

Getting a daily intake of Vitamin D is important for athletes. It can help increase endurance and is found naturally through sunlight. When using the bathroom, you can easily increase your Vitamin D intake by having windows installed.

Instead of wide open windows, bathrooms contractors can install privacy windows that have an opaque view but still allow the sunlight to come in. Advanced windows can have privacy screens that turn on and off based upon whether you want them or not.

Work with a contractor to express your athletic needs. They can help you plan and choose the most ideal options for your bathroom upgrades and remodeling.