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Home Renovation Happenings

4 Environmental Benefits Of Vinyl Siding

Pamela Gonzales

When it comes to house siding, vinyl siding offers a number of benefits that other siding options can't. Vinyl siding is relatively cost friendly, its ease of installation is almost unparalleled and, perhaps most importantly, it is extremely environmentally friendly. As far as house siding goes, vinyl siding scores extremely well in this department for a number of reasons. This brief article will go over some of the most important environmental benefits that vinyl siding can supply to you.

Less Potential For Climate Change

When it comes to the manufacturing process, it requires significantly less water to be used during the manufacturing process than fiber cement. This not only means that water is being saved during production, but that moisturization of your vinyl siding will not become a problem, which leads to a perfect domicile for grime and mold.

What's more is that the vinyl siding actually requires less than half the energy to produce in comparison to standard brick and mortar; it's a siding that is far more environmentally conscious than these forms of cladding. Its lighter weight also guarantees that less fuel will be consumed in the shipping of the cladding. The savings in transportation fuel costs is a saving that is generally passed onto the consumer.

Less Toxic Materials Used

Vinyl siding uses less toxic materials in its construction than insulated siding, cedar siding, stucco, brick or fiber cement siding. While these other materials are laden with toxic chemicals, especially stucco, brick and fiber cement siding, vinyl siding only carries a trace amount of toxic materials. As such, vinyl siding is far more environmentally conscious and is a bit better for your health, as well! Vinyl siding also contains no lead, in accordance with American law.

Less Scrap Production

Insofar as vinyl siding is installed in a clean, professional manner, it will also produce less scrap material that will simply be shipped off to a landfill. VSI – the Vinyl Siding Institute – offers programs that allow installers to greatly minimize the amount of scrap that is produced whenever they install the cladding to the exterior of your building. The program ensures that those who are trained are rigorously prepared on how to cut and adequately install the siding such that very little scrap is produced when they are finished. In addition, vinyl production itself is very exact, requiring very little in the way of waste. Less scrap production means less siding that is unusable and that will end up in landfills and dumps.

Vinyl Siding Is A Healthier Alternative

Vinyl siding also provides a healthier alternative to other forms of cladding and siding. There is no reason to paint or caulk vinyl siding, materials that, when not used correctly, can create numerous health issues for you and your loved ones. Vinyl siding, in fact, requires no ongoing maintenance at all. This also means that there is not a regular release of the toxins that these materials contain into the environment, which includes your own personal living space. Silica-based fiber cements, like portland cement, may also contain toxins that can create serious respiratory issues for both the people living in the home where the cladding is installed and especially for those installing the cladding.

Vinyl siding is one of the greenest ways you can outfit your house in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and cost friendly.  Vinyl siding is a safer, alternative, more environmentally friendly product than many other forms of cladding that are available today. Hopefully, this brief article has given you a bit of insight regarding the world of vinyl siding and how it is an invaluable alternative to other popular forms of cladding.

For more information on your siding options, go to sites like the one linked to here.