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Home Renovation Happenings

How To Troubleshoot 3 Automatic Garage Door Problems

Pamela Gonzales

Like virtually every other part of your home, your automatic garage door will occasionally require maintenance and repair. While many homeowners call a professional for any garage door problem, there are a few common problems that almost anyone can fix on their own. Here is an explanation of how to troubleshoot 3 common garage door problems.

Noisy Garage Door

A healthy garage door is a quiet garage door. If you notice excessive scraping, grinding, or rattling noises while you garage door opens and closes, there are a number of causes that could be behind the problem. Common culprits are rust on the track, worn rollers, loose nuts and bolts, or a worn end bearing.

To clean rusted garage door tracks, first open the garage door and wipe down the tracks with a cloth soaked in paint thinner. Give the paint thinner a few minutes to loosen up the rust, and then scrape off as much rust as possible with a wire brush. After you have removed what you can with the brush, spray the tracks with rust-bonding metal spray paint. Try opening and closing your garage door a few times after the paint has dried to see if the noisiness has been reduced.

If rust was not the problem, the next step is to tighten all the nuts and bolts along the garage door track and then grease the track. Grease the track by opening your garage door and spreading garage door lubricant liberally over the track with a gloved hand. Open and close the door a few times to spread the grease evenly along the track. If the noise level of your garage door is still unacceptable, you should consider hiring a professional to assess your door for worn and damaged parts.

Garage Door Stuck Shut

Being stuck shut is one of the most urgent problems that can happen to your garage door, especially if your car is inside the garage! The most common causes of a garage door jam are a lodged track or a door that is off track. Obstructions such as leaves and dirt can be scraped out of the track by hand if they are loose enough, while you may need to use a screwdriver for more stubborn obstructions.

If the garage door has come off its track, you should be able to see that the rollers on the sides of the door are not in the slot on the track. Garage doors are extremely heavy and the torsion spring is under high tension, so attempting to set a garage door back on track on your own is a bad idea that could lead to serious injury. Contact a garage door specialist if you see that your garage door is off the track.

Garage Door Switch Failure

If the garage door opener switch inside your garage isn't working, the first place you should look is your breaker box. If the breaker on your opener's circuit hasn't flipped, the next most common cause is a wiring problem inside the switch.

To check the switch wiring, turn off the breaker to your garage door opener's circuit and use a screwdriver to remove the front panel of the switch. Look for burnt, fraying, or loose wiring inside of the switch casing. If you are comfortable with some light electrical work, you can replace the switch yourself. Alternatively, you can contact an electrician to repair or replace the switch.

Garage door troubleshooting is not a difficult task if you are aware of the causes behind common problems. Use these tips to get your garage door working quietly and conveniently again as soon as possible. Visit websites like http://shankdoor.com for more information.