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Home Renovation Happenings

Does Your Furnace Smell? What You Need To Know

Pamela Gonzales

When the temperature outside dropped, you rushed to turn on the heat. When you lowered the thermostat, you expected to be greeted with a steady flow of warm air – not a foul smell. If your furnace is causing an odor in your home, there is a reason why. The faster you can get to the bottom of the smell, the sooner you can resolve the problem.


One of the most common smells outputted from a furnace is a burning scent. In many instances, this shouldn't be a cause for concern. Typically, the burning scent you are smelling is the result of built-up dust burning inside the unit. Generally, after a short time of operation the scent should fade away. On the other hand, if the burning scent is more reminiscent of burning rubber or plastic – you need to immediately power off your unit.

On the lesser end, if your registers are on the floor, it could be something as minor as a toy or other object stuck inside that is causing this smell. On the more extreme end, the heat exchanger could be failing. After you turn off the unit, look around to see if you can spot any visible issues that may be contributing to the problem. If you can't find anything, contact a technician for further assistance.

Mold or Staleness

If you smell a mold or stale-like scent, this can mean a couple of things. If you're experiencing this scent and it's the first time you've powered on the unit, this is likely the result of dirt and dust that has settled inside the unit over time. As you operate the unit, this dirt and dust should blow out and the smell should fade. If the scent doesn't go away, this is likely the result of mold forming within the unit.

This is especially the case if you have a humidifier. If you failed to thoroughly clean and dry the humidifier filter at the end of the previous winter season, mold likely developed on the filter. Once you power on the unit, as the air passes through the filter, it picks up this scent and get dispersed through your home. Removing and cleaning the filter should solve the problem.

If you are experiencing a scent that you can't seem to figure out, don't hesitate to contact a service professional, such as those found at Norris Mechanical, to rectify the problem and rule out a more serious issue.