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Home Renovation Happenings

Three Ways To Use Your Small Tractor

Pamela Gonzales

If you invested in a small tractor, you made a wise choice. You may have bought the tractor for a specific reason, but if you are only using your small tractor for one purpose, you may be missing out on other ways to utilize your tractor. There are many different uses for a tractor, and you should try to utilize it in any way that you possibly can. Small tractors are amazingly tough and have many uses. Here are just a few different ways to utilize your tractor to get the most out of your purchase. 

Weed Control

A great way to utilize your tractor is to buy a spraying attachment. The spraying attachment can be used to spray weeds very effectively. If you are having a problem with a lot of weeds anywhere on your property, spraying them using your tractor is going to save you a great deal of time, over walking around with a pump. You will simply be able to put the sprayer on the back of your tractor and start to spray. Although often used for spraying weeds, a tractor sprayer can also be used to spray fertilizers and dye. Just be sure that you clean out the tank very well before switching uses of the sprayer. 


If you have a large plot of grass, it can take you hours to mow your entire lawn with a push mower. Many small tractors are built to mow, but if it is not, you can buy a mowing attachment. The great thing about using the tractor to mow is that it is relaxing and very easy. Instead of sweating pushing the mower, you can sit and enjoy a beverage while you easily maneuver through tough corners and sharp edges. You will be saving a lot of time mowing your lawn with a tractor.


If you are looking to dig, there are going to be an array of attachments for your tractor. A backhoe is a popular attachment because it is used often, but a trencher is something that many people do not realize they can attach to a tractor. A trencher digs a thin trench into the ground. These are perfect for installing a sprinkler system or putting cables into the ground. You will be able to trench an entire sprinkler system much more quickly and effectively than by hand with a shovel. If you are putting cables in the ground you will be done in now time. 

For more options for your tractor, talk with a professional tractor service company, such as Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc..