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Home Renovation Happenings

A Few Things To Know About The Grease Trap In Your New Restaurant

Pamela Gonzales

Operating a restaurant is more complex than you might imagine. You may dream of owning a restaurant so you can show off your cooking skills or so you can interact with customers. However, there is a business end that can't be pushed to the side. For instance, one thing to keep up with is grease trap maintenance. The trap must be installed properly and maintained regularly. Here are some tips for dealing with a grease trap in your new restaurant.

Learn Local Codes

The place to start is by reading your local codes. There are regulations concerning grease traps that are established in state plumbing codes. A grease trap is a very important part of a restaurant's operation. It not only keeps your pipes clean so you have fewer clogs, it also keeps the city pipes near your restaurant free from grease. The city won't be happy if you clog up their pipes with kitchen grease. In fact, if you don't comply with local regulations, you could lose your license since your grease trap will be subject to inspections. In addition to inspecting the trap itself, the official will look at records for measuring and cleaning that prove you're doing all you can to keep grease out of the lines.

Place The Trap In An Ideal Location

If you plan to buy an existing restaurant, the grease trap is one thing you want to ask about so you know whether you'll have to replace it. If you're building a new restaurant, then you'll get to decide where the trap goes. You may want it directly under the sink, or you may want it outside and underground. Placing the trap outside has its advantages. For one thing, it will always be accessible to the pump truck that comes to clean out the drain. The cleaning service will be able to work on the trap without affecting your customers. Another benefit of having it outdoors is the odor. A grease trap develops a foul smell, even with regular cleaning. It is best to have it outside so the bad odors don't waft up your drains.

Clean The Trap On Schedule

The most effective and efficient way to stay on top of cleaning the trap is to hire a cleaning service to come on a regular basis. The contractor empties the grease and cleans down the trap on a set schedule so you never have to worry about being behind. If you get a surprise visit from an inspector, you'll have a log of all the service visits and receipts showing all the work that's been done. While you could possibly do the work yourself, you're faced with how to dispose of the grease. A grease trap cleaning service has a permit that allows them to dump or recycle the grease. In addition, the service also has to be licensed by the city as proof of expertise in handling grease properly. If you do the job yourself, you may run into problems if you don't clean the trap right. For one thing, you may be fined or closed down until a licensed contractor comes in and gets your trap back in shape.

You probably don't want to open a restaurant so you can deal with dirty jobs like cleaning out a smelly grease trap. Leave jobs like that to a contractor so you can focus on showcasing your culinary skills and building your business. Do the jobs you love and delegate the rest so you'll have fun and enjoy your new adventure as a restaurant owner. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Forrest Sewer Pump Service.