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Home Renovation Happenings

There is a lot to think about when you’re renovating a home. You need to make many decisions, starting with what contractor to use and how much money you want to spend. It helps if you have a clear vision for how you want your home to look when you’re done. If you’re not sure what it is that you want yet, take some time to look through my blog. I’ll discuss everything from home additions to flooring materials to appliances and fixtures. These articles will help you get a sense of the possibilities for your home renovation, and help you narrow down your options. Eventually, you’ll decide on the renovations that are right for you.

Home Renovation Happenings

2 Things To Consider When It Comes To Installing Major Appliances In Your New Home

Pamela Gonzales

If you are working with a contractor to build a new home, it is going to be essential that you take all of your kitchen appliances into consideration. During the planning process, you are going to sit down with your home contractor and discuss with them the layout of your kitchen and the overall appearance of everything. Even though you likely don't have your appliances during this time, you and your contractor will need to discuss them and factor them into the overall design of your kitchen. This article is going to discuss two things to consider when it comes to installing major appliances in your new home. 


One thing to consider is going to be the location of your appliances. You are going to want to work with your contractor to create a layout in your kitchen that makes your appliances, and the rest of your kitchen, as functional as possible for you. For example, you will want to have your fridge placed in a location that is easily accessed from anywhere in your kitchen since this is something you will be getting into all of the time. When it comes to your microwave, you will want to decide if you would like to have it installed directly above your stove, or if you want it to be built into another cabinet or other area of your kitchen. You will also want to make sure that you have a space set aside to place your dishwasher right next to your sink to make loading your dishwasher easy for you. Deciding all of this during the initial planning process can allow you to get not only the kitchen that you want, but have your appliances in the proper locations as well. 


Another thing to consider when it comes to planning for and installing all of your kitchen appliances is going to be their size. While there are general measurements for most appliances, it is going to be important that you take the time to measure the specific appliances that you want for your kitchen. By doing this, you are going to ensure that you can get the specific appliances that you want. For example, if the fridge that you would like is a bit wider, you can plan for this. Or, if you would like a double oven, your contractor can create a larger space to fit your oven into.