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Home Renovation Happenings

Getting Rid Of Mold On Siding: What To Do

Pamela Gonzales

When you own a house, it is not always easy to always address issues as soon as you notice them. If you've started to see mold thriving on the surface of your home's siding for some time, however, it's important to take measures to get rid of it so that it doesn't cause permanent damage. With these tips you can clean your siding and eliminate your problem with mold.

Check Your Warranty

If your siding is still under warranty, you might be surprised to discover that certain actions you take to clean it can result in an immediate voiding of that policy. With a quick phone call, you can not only ask about any restrictions or guidelines regarding the warranty, but you can also inquire about cleaning tips. You can also consult siding trade associations that can provide some pointers.

Use Oxygen Bleach

Like many people, you may be aware that bleach can be a powerful disinfectant. The bleach which may come to mind immediately is chlorine-based. This can be incredibly caustic, bad-smelling and might even cause damage to your siding if you're not careful. For instance, if you've got wood siding, chlorine could strip it of all color just as it does for certain colored fabrics in your laundry. 

Instead, opt for an oxygen-based bleach. The fumes will not sicken you and it will be gentler on the siding while still taking care of the mold.

Schedule Enough Time

It is likely to be a time-consuming process to remove all the mold on your siding and to inspect the siding carefully to ensure that you haven't left any behind. You may feel discouraged that it's taking longer than you expected and think that your methods aren't working, but setting aside enough time to tackle this problem instead of expecting the mold to wipe off in a few minutes can help you to be more patient about the entire process.

Take Prevention Steps

Once you've handled the mold on the siding of your house, if you want to ensure that it doesn't resurface, it's smart to take some prevention steps. Of particular important is to keep bushes, trees and other plants trimmed so that dew and moisture doesn't get onto the siding and to allow clean, fresh air to circulate. Don't allow wet leaves to sit near the house. It's also a good idea to take care of leaks coming from hoses, as exposure to water over time can mean a mold risk.

When you're able to use these ideas, you can take care of the mold you see on your house. Talking to siding contractors and experts can help you with this situation as well. For more information, visit websites like https://lifetime-exteriors.net/.