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Home Renovation Happenings

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Home Renovation Happenings

3 Beautiful Ways To Use Brick In Your Hardscaping

Pamela Gonzales

Brick is a luxurious material that's also surprisingly adaptable. There are many colorations of brick, so you can integrate it into different design ideals. What's more, contractors have myriad patterns for laying the brick. You can even choose between new and reclaimed brick, depending on the effect you want. Brick can be formal and traditional or casual and mod – and everywhere in between. Use brick in your hardscaping for a beautiful complement to your home.


A brick patio is an attractive addition if you already have brick incorporated into your home's façade, though it can also complement other styles as well. Because contractors lay brick in piecework, they can design practically any shape. The shape and the pattern of installation determine if your patio appears formal or casual. The Landscaping Network recommends a basket weave installation pattern for the patio. With this pattern, contractors lay the brick horizontally and vertically so that they appear to be woven – hence, the name. The site also recommends a Flemish bond pattern for patios. The Flemish bond consists of bricks of different widths, thus creating another kind of woven effect.


Brick walkways also work well for different styles of homes. As with the patio, the effect of the brick depends on the layout. If you want a stately entrance to your home, consider a wide, straight layout. Such a walkway draws the eye to the front of your house, especially if you have a running bond pattern. For a charming casual effect, consider a curved layout. A curved layout makes visitors feel as if they're going to discover something just around the bed. This is ideal for garden paths – especially if you have the contractors use attractively worn reclaimed bricks.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a necessary construction if your yard is sloped. The retaining wall shores up the soil and makes flat places for walking and landscaping. Brick walls have been around for centuries – it should come as no surprise that a brick retaining wall can be an attractive complement to your house.

With a retaining wall, you'll have to choose between a cavity wall and a block core wall. If the contractors create two walls very near each other and entirely of brick, this is a cavity wall. The two walls share a foundation, and contractors embed steel in concrete for strength. This is a more expensive wall. A block core wall consists of concrete block covered in a brick veneer. Because contractors have to use less brick, this is a less expensive option.

Brick is a durable material with a timeless appeal. Utilize brick in your hardscaping.

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