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Home Renovation Happenings

Successfully Reducing Dumpster Weight During A Quarter-System College Dorm Move-Out Week

Pamela Gonzales

If you are a first-time college housing manager and are planning to rent extra dumpsters so that students moving out of a dorm can throw things away without littering the campus, be aware that many dumpster pick-up companies may charge by weight. In other words, the final weight of the full dumpster could increase your final charges from the dumpster rental company. You need to ensure that what goes in the dumpster really has nowhere else to go so that your costs are minimized. However, students in a hurry to get out of the dorms might not double-check whether there's something else they can do with whatever they're getting rid of. It's time to implement some strategies for proper dumpster use.

Provide Advance Notice

Distribute and post flyers now about where the dumpsters will be and what students can place in them. Quarter-system schools usually end in early to mid June, so you still have some time. Let students know if there will be dumpsters reserved for recyclables and if there are any other disposal issues they need to know about. For example, if they're getting rid of mini-refrigerators, there may be a specific drop-off point for those.

Clearly Mark Trash and Recycling Dumpsters

Once you do have trash and recycling dumpsters placed, mark them clearly. Don't assume that because one is blue or green and the other another color that the students will automatically know which is which. Place huge signs so that you don't have people dumping trash bags into the first open container they see.

Have a Drop-off Donation Spot

One of the main issues with having a dumpster available is that everything will go into it. Broken TVs, furniture, tons of old bedding, and so on. If anything is in working order, it's better off being donated, so contact a nonprofit that accepts donations of home goods and have them set up a drop-off point. That will keep usable or repairable goods out of the dumpster.

Don't Forget the Food

Any student who has to clear out a mini-fridge (or a regular fridge, if your campus has student apartments) is likely to end up throwing a whole lot of it away instead of trying to take it home. Set up a drop-off point for unopened canned and boxed goods so that students can leave those items with an agency that will put them to good use, instead of having the students throw everything away.

It may only be a few days, but move-out week on any college campus can be a hectic, confused time. You can reduce the effects of that confusion on your disposal services budget if you plan carefully.