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Home Renovation Happenings

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Home Renovation Happenings

Sustainable Features To Consider Adding To Your New Custom Home

Pamela Gonzales

Building a custom home gives you a great opportunity to have your unique values expressed in your place of residence.

If you're particularly concerned with environmental health and sustainability issues, you can add sustainable features to your home that minimize your home's carbon footprint and promote a healthier community for you and your neighbors alike.

The following are six sustainable features you may want to consider adding to your custom home:

Geothermal pumps

If you want to make the heating system in your home as efficient as possible, you might consider taking advantage of a geothermal heat pump system. Geothermal systems offer 400 percent efficiency and are noted for being 48 percent more efficient than gas furnaces. 

A geothermal heat pump system is not only more sustainable than many other types of heating system, but it can also save you money over time by reducing your utility bills. 

Radiant floor heating

Another way to make your home's heating system more efficient is to use radiant floor heating.

Radiant floor heating systems are more efficient because they don't require energy expenditures to channel conditioned air through a home's duct system. This makes them more efficient heating systems than forced-air heating. 

Home automation technology

Home automation technology can make life inside your new home much more convenient.

It can also make your home more sustainable because it allows you to control HVAC and lighting systems in your home remotely. This way, you can make adjustments from work when you've forgotten to turn the lights off or to turn the AC down before leaving. 

Solar panels

Even if your home is located in a geographic area where bright sunlight is not guaranteed everyday, solar panels can still be incorporated into your home's design to reduce your dependency on municipal power. 

The initial costs of installing solar panels will be made up for over time by reductions in your utility bills. 

Energy efficient windows that take advantage of natural light

In a typical home, a lot of energy escapes the inside of the home from the windows. Energy efficient windows that are double or triple glazed allow less energy to escape.

For even greater efficiency benefits at your windows, you can have your windows positioned to maximize natural sunlight exposure in your home. This way, you'll reduce your reliance on electric lighting during daylight hours. 

Low-flow shower heads and high-efficiency toilets

If you're concerned about water consumption, you can opt for low-flow shower heads and high-efficiency toilets. These features reduce the amount of water your home consumes each time you take a shower or flush the toilet. 

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