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Home Renovation Happenings

Understanding The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Roof

Pamela Gonzales

When the season changes from winter to spring, it may be a good opportunity to clean the roof. This will give you the opportunity to check things over and ensure that there was no significant damage during the winter months. There are various things you should pay attention to when cleaning the roof, like the presence of moss and algae growth. The information provided below offers some tips for cleaning your roof. 

Dealing With Moss

The humidity and wetness of your roof can moss to form beneath the shingles, which can cause them to loosen and create pits on the surface. Moss is green and fuzzy and if not removed right away can expand over the entire roof, mimicking the presence of another layer of material on the roof. However, the green and fuzzy substance is not healthy and can weaken the roof shingles and surface beneath, which can cause internal water damage because of the amount of liquid the moss soaks when it rains. For this reason, it's necessary to check the roof over and have the moss removed to prevent damage. This can be achieved by cleaning the roof with a power washer.

Dealing With Black Algae

When cleaning the roof, if you notice that there are several black streaks on the surface, it may be caused by black algae. Black algae can grow on the roof, because it's constantly exposed to the sunlight. In addition, the black algae is oily and can loosen or weaken the shingles. It also absorbs heat from the sunlight, which can make it difficult to keep your home cool. The longer the black algae remains on the surface of the roof, the more difficult it may be to remove because it can attach to the asphalt or shingles. Therefore, you should consult with a professional roof cleaner to have it removed.

Reducing Overall Energy Costs

When the surface of the roof is filled with dirt and debris, in addition to fungus, algae and mold. The roof becomes cluttered and the surface is no longer clear, allowing the home to cool off naturally. When the heat from the roof filters into the home, it may cause you to lower the air conditioning in your home, and keep it on for longer periods in order to cool off the house. However, if you take the opportunity to clean your roof using a power hose, then you would be able to keep your home cool without running up your energy costs.

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