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Home Renovation Happenings

Does Your School Have A Low-Slope Roof? Conversion To A Pitched Roof May Be Necessary

Pamela Gonzales

Low-slope or even flat roofs were once common in a variety of schools due to their relatively inexpensive nature. Unfortunately, these types of roofs are prone to serious damage and don't last that long. Here's why a roof conversion is a necessary expense in your school budget:

The Lifespan Of A Low-Slope Roofs Is Short

While a low-slope roof may seem like a good investment in a school, it has a lifespan of only 10-12 years. That's because water pools on its surface and is liable to cause a variety of serious damage. When this damage occurs, the roof is likely to start leaking and disrupting the lives of the students. Mold and other dangerous contaminants could also make their way into the school.

By contrast, a high-slope or high-pitched roof has a lifespan as long as 40-50 years. That's partially because their pitched construction allows a water and snow to flow off of it more easily. However, that's also because they don't fall victim to as many of the severe problems that affect many low-slope roofs.

Low-Slope Roofs Have Many Problems

The low-slope roof on your school is going to suffer from high-levels of wind damage, leaks, punctures, and severe problems with the roofing materials. That's because it lacks the pitch that makes it easier to avoid these concerns. While it is true that high-pitched roofs may experience many of these same issues, low-slope roofs have a harder time recovering from them.

As a result, it is important for you to take control and somehow get a roof conversion in your school's budget. It isn't just a way to protect the lives of your students but the respectability of your school. If people see leaks in your school and know you are doing nothing to fix the problem, they may take their kids out. Thankfully, there are many government grants for roof repair that you can consider.

The Cost Consideration

Just how much will a roof conversion cost a school? That all depends on the size of the roof and the difficulty of the conversion process. For example, it is possible that some small jobs could cost as low as $5,000. However, that small price tag isn't very likely for a large and sprawling school. This fact is particularly true if the roof already has damage on it.

That's why you should anticipate a price of at least $30,000 or so. However, that cost is a small one to pay if you can protect the lives of your students and create the kind of school that your community can be proud of attending. Contact a local roofing service for more information and assistance.