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Home Renovation Happenings

3 Problems In Your Basement That May Be Causing Hidden Problems With Water Damage And Mold

Pamela Gonzales

Repairing damage from water is something that is costly, which is why you want to be able to find problems before they get out of hand. In homes with basements, the problems are hidden in foundation walls, or because of lack of maintenance to mechanical systems like sump pumps. Catching the problems before they get out of hand will help save you a lot of money on the cost of water damage repairs. Here are some of the problems in basement that may lead to serious water damage and mold:

1. Sump Pumps That Are Overflowing Due to Lack of Maintenance

If you have a plumbing installation in your basement, then you have a sump pump and well. These plumbing mechanical systems are used for two purposes; they remove waste water from the basement plumbing, and they are often connected to modern interior foundation drain systems. These systems also need to be maintained and checked often to ensure that they are working properly. If you sump pump gets stopped up with debris, it will not work properly and can cause problems with plumbing in your basement, as well as flooding due to water problems.

2. Foundation Wall Damage That Causes Leaks and Water Damage in Basements

The walls are another area of a basement foundation that you will want to inspect frequently. When pressure from ground water pushes against foundation walls, it can cause cracks and leaks; this is called static water pressure. These cracks will need to be repaired by a professional repair service, but they are usually only guaranteed for a few years. To ensure your basement stays dry, you will want to have a foundation inspection done every couple of years to ensure that repairs are holding up and no new repairs are needed.

3. Plumbing Problems in Basements That Can Be Prevented with Backflow Prevention Devices

Another problem that causes water damage in basements is backflow from exterior sewer or drainage systems. This often happens during heavy rains when drains become overburdened with excess water. The lines can back up into your basement plumbing because it is the lowest point, and could cause serious flooding. To prevent the backflow problems in your home, backflow prevention devices should be installed to prevent water from sewers and outside drainage systems from getting into your home.

These are some of the problems that could lead to serious water damage problems in your basement. Contact a foundation repair service, such as Solid Foundations, to help with inspection, repairs and improvements for your basement foundation to prevent water damage and mold in your home.