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Home Renovation Happenings

Tips To Avoid Animal Damage On Young Trees

Pamela Gonzales

Adding trees to your landscape can make it more attractive, while also increasing the value of your home. Young trees are more susceptible to damage, though, particularly from animals. Whether you need to protect the trees from household pets or from local wildlife, the following tips can help.

Tip #1: Mulch with care

Mulch is a very important part of planting healthy trees. The mulch covers the roots, protecting them from temperature fluctuations and frost heave. It also prevents soil moisture loss from evaporation. Mulch is most effective when laid about 3 inches deep. Unfortunately, this deep mulch layer can also provide protection for small animals, namely mice and other rodents. This isn't a problem unless they decide to nibble on the bark of your young tree. Too much bark loss can kill a tree. To prevent this issue, pull back the mulch, so it doesn't rest against the tree trunk. A 3 to 6-inch space is usually sufficient.

Tip #2: Protect against grazers

Deer and moose are the biggest concerns here. They can pull up an entire sapling, particularly in winter when food is harder to come by. More likely, though, is that they will pull bark off the tree or munch on the twig tips of lower branches within their reach. If none of the branches are too low, you can place a tree guard around the trunk. Just make sure to remove it in the spring, so it doesn't prevent the trunk from growing properly. For shorter trees, encircle them completely with mesh fencing so deer and other grazers can't get anywhere near them.

Tip #3: Guard against claws

You may think trees in a fenced yard are safe from winter grazers, and you are likely right. Unfortunately, there is a year-round problem you must concern – claw sharpening. Cats and some wild animals may sharpen their claws on young trees, or scratch on them as a form of territory marking. Many of these animals, such as raccoons, can easily climb fences. Tree guards are the best option for protection, but you will need to place them loosely around the trunk, so they don't strangle it. This is because they need to stay on year-round until the tree is large enough to take minor damage.

For more help in taking care of young trees, contact a tree service in your area, like Carlos Tree Service Inc. They can also tell you the most common animal damage in your area so you can guard against it.