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Home Renovation Happenings

Using Trusses To Create An Open Living Space

Pamela Gonzales

Investing in a custom home provides you with the opportunity to maintain control over the design of your living area. Open floor plans are popular among modern homeowners, and the type of roof that you choose to install during construction could have a significant impact on the resulting openness of your living space.

Roof design begins with the selection of trusses. There are some trusses that are better suited to an open design, and knowing about these trusses can help you select the roof design best suited to meet your design needs when constructing a custom home.

1. The Arch-Braced Truss

Eliminating a tie beam can be a simple and effective way to create a more open roof design. Arch-braced trusses allow you to do just that. These trusses are characterized by their lack of a tie beam, relying instead on a collar beam that is supported by two arch-shaped braces that help distribute the weight of the roof down into the supporting walls safely.

The arch-shaped design of the arch-braced truss creates a gentle curve to the interior ceiling that will add drama and character to your custom home.

2. The Scissor Truss

One of the more common types of trusses used in modern construction is the scissor truss. This truss gets its name from the scissor-like design of the chords used to brace the roof they support.

These chords must join together in a criss-cross design to ensure maximum strength and stability over time. Instead of creating a gentle curve like the arch-shaped truss, scissor trusses will product a pitched interior roof that blends seamlessly into the design of a modern home without compromising the openness you are looking for.

3. The Hammerbeam Truss

If you are looking to recreate an iconic interior roof design like that featured in Westminster Hall in London, then you should turn to hammerbeam trusses during the construction of your custom home.

These trusses rely on a hammerbeam to support the weight of the roof, allowing the interior ceiling to remain open without compromising safety. Hammerbeam trusses are perfect for larger homes, since their design allows them to safely span long distances without the use of a cross beam.

The materials used to construct your custom home's roof can have a dramatic impact on the openness of the home's interior. If you are hoping to create an open and airy living space, opt for arch-braced, scissor, or hammerbeam trusses during construction.

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