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Home Renovation Happenings

The Benefits Of Installing Snow Guards On Metal Roofs

Pamela Gonzales

Do you have a metal roof on your property? If so, you would benefit from installing snow guards on the roof. They are metal strips that catch snow and ice and allow it to slowly melt off the roof. Without the guards, the snow or ice will rapidly melt and slide down the roof in large, heavy sheets. This guide goes over the advantages of installing snow guards on your metal roof.

Safety As mentioned above, without the snow guards in place, the snow or ice will just crash to the ground. If someone is on the ground below and caught unawares, they could be seriously injured. Animals are also at risk from avalanches off the roof.

Damage The snow or ice doesn't only pose a threat to humans or animals, it can also damage your property. People with wooden decks on their home may discover that the heavy crashes of snow or ice year after year will damage the deck over time. When the elements are too heavy to move for some people, the snow or ice will sit on the wood and cause more damage through rotting, which weakens the entire structure.

Roof  The roof itself may last longer with the snow guards installed on it. When ice slides down a roof, it can cause damage to it. It may even start to crack after awhile. You want your roof to last as long as possible, so anything that extends the life expectancy of the roof is a good idea.

Liability When the snow or ice crash down to the ground on your own property, it's an annoyance. When it falls down on the neighbor's property, it can be a huge problem. You may even face legal action depending on what type of damage it causes. You don't want to be liable for something like that, so protect your neighbors by installing the snow guards.

Conclusion There are several types of snow guards that you can install on the roof. Some of them are designed for long-term, while others are more temporary and can easily be removed during the warmer months or if you move. If you need assistance with installing the snow guards or are unsure which type would work best for you, you should hire a local roofing company today and inquire about the types that they offer and the cost associated with installing the guards.