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Home Renovation Happenings

Think Your Water Well Needs Moved And Replaced? What To Know

Pamela Gonzales

There are a lot of things that you want to take into consideration if you think your well is going bad, and if it could be time to replace the well. Since this is the main source of your drinking water you have to be concerned about the condition of the water, and how well the system is functioning for you. Here are some of the things that you will want to talk with the professional well contractors about, and upgrades and investments to consider making.


The location of the well could be the problem. If the well was installed years ago and the location of the well is a problem, the contractors may consider moving it. The current state and composition of the soil will impact this, along with the potential options to relocate the system throughout the property. They won't want to jeopardize the structure of the house to move the system.

Pipe Replacement

The pipes that bring the water into the home from the well could be causing some water quality concerns. If the pipes need to be replaced or are a problem, trenchless pipe replacements are preferred since they don't cause as much disturbance. This means that a liner pipe is pushed through the main water pipes, acting like new pipes without having to damage all of the property and landscaping around the house.

Improved Purification Options

Have your water tested so that you can see what type of purification system would be the best, and to find out what type of upgrade you want to make. The professionals will let you know what purification system would be best, and then look at the cost options to get it repaired. Get a system that will last long, and help to improve the water conditions.

If the quality of water in your home has declined and you know that the well water system is decades old, and that it has never been treated or replaced, it's time to get the entire system looked at. You want to have the water tested, the soil looked at, and the filtration system and the quality of the well all examined, to find out what the best water treatment will be. Not only is this important for the safety of the drinking water, but also to preserve the plumbing fixtures, appliances and metal that you have throughout the entire house. Contact a service, like Wells Water Well Drilling & Repair, for more help.