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Home Renovation Happenings

Why Crane Inspections Are Important In Construction

Pamela Gonzales

Whether you operate a crane on a regular basis or you have a crane that you only use for special construction purposes, keeping your machinery in great condition is key to operating a safe work site.

You should have your crane inspected regularly for a few reasons. A crane inspection should only be done by a licensed professional. Here are reasons why this type of inspection is important.

You protect valuable equipment

Should a crane shut down or lose efficiency in the middle of lifting a large load, not only are the supplies being hoisted put at risk of being damaged or broken, other equipment sitting around your crane are put at risk of damage as well. You don't want to have to pay for potentially expensive repairs because hydraulics and other components of an operating crane failed, so have inspections made periodically as instructed by your equipment specialist.

You protect your employees

A truck-mounted crane and other styles of crane that operate from high areas can become a danger should they fail with a person working inside the equipment. Should a crane lose balance, lose operation mid-lift, or have other issues, the machinery can tip over, cause an oil or other leak, or lose power. A person ca be severely injured or even killed, even if they are wearing protective gear, if they are operating a crane that is malfunctioning. Prevent injury to your staff by keeping your crane, among other equipment, safely operating with regular inspections.

You prevent break-downs

When you have your crane inspected on the regular, you end up catching smaller mechanical issues before they become much larger concerns. You also make small repairs when they are less costly and less time-consuming to fix, which helps preserve the longevity and usefulness of this expensive piece of machinery. Whenever your crane needs hydraulics inspected, oils filled, and electrical components checked, have the whole machine inspected to check for any flaws.

It doesn't matter if you operate a crane daily as part of your construction business or if you only use a crane a few times a year. Regular inspections are a benefit you don't want to ignore, and can help keep your working site safer and more efficient. Any crane that hasn't been used for several months should be inspected before being used again, even if an inspection has been done fairly recently. Your equipment specialist will let you know how often your crane should be thoroughly examined.

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