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Home Renovation Happenings

Pros & Cons Of Restoring An Old Chimney Instead Of Replacing It

Pamela Gonzales

That old chimney has been a part of your old house for a long time, but it is causing you a lot of problems. As a homeowner, you have a few different choices in this situation: you can either have the chimney restored or have it fully replaced. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of restoration over replacement to help you decide what will be best. 

Pro: Restoration allows you to keep the old stonework most of the time. 

One thing a lot of homeowners do not want to lose is the original stonework the old chimney has. This is especially important if the masonry matches the exterior cladding of the home or is made out of some kind of hard-to-find material. During the restoration, every effort will be made to try and keep the original masonry, even if it has to be disassembled and reused to encase the flue. 

Con: Restoration can be a little more time-consuming than replacement. 

During chimney replacement, contractors will remove all of the old materials and rebuild a new chimney in its place, which is not a very long process unless there are structural problems involved. Restoration is a more time-consuming process. The contractors will work really hard to keep any parts of the chimney the same, which can involve things like taking down old materials piece by piece and reworking them. 

Pro: Chimney restoration can sometimes be less expensive. 

Even though restoring an old chimney can take a little longer, you won't be having to pay for as many new materials. Therefore, restoring what you already have can mean the project will be a little less costly in the end. The only exception here is if there is so much wrong with the old chimney that it has to have a lot of new parts and masonry stones or bricks. 

Con: Restored chimneys may not always be efficient as a new install. 

While contractors will do all they can to modernize your chimney without changing its appearance, it can sometimes be hard to make the chimney function the same as a new one without fully replacing all of the materials. For examples, some old chimneys are built out of rounded stones, which tend to be problematic when it comes to smoothly letting out smoke. Before you opt for restoration, ask the contractor what they would recommend for optimal efficiency and go from there. 

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