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Home Renovation Happenings

Do You Need Fireplace Repairs?

Pamela Gonzales

Fireplaces are wonderful, enjoyable additions to any home. With that said, though, fireplaces do need regular care and attention in order to operate safely and correctly. For this reason, not only should you have a professional team regularly inspect and maintain your fireplace as needed, but you should also be on the lookout for the warning signs that you may need fireplace repair or replacement. Fortunately, if you pay attention, your fireplace will usually let you know when there's an issue.

Smoke In The Air

First things first, take notice if, when you fire up your fireplace, the air in the room suddenly gets very smoky. This problem often starts out gradually and grows worse, so take action even if you just spot a little excess smoke. This often happens due to issues with the flue, but it can be caused by various other malfunctions as well.

Either way, all that smoke is dangerous, not to mention that it will make your home dusty and difficult to clean. Thus, for best results, discontinue the use of your fireplace until you can figure out what's causing the issue and get it professionally fixed.

Visible Cracks

A fireplace should be smooth and unblemished throughout. If there are visible cracks on the floor or walls of the fireplace, you'll want to get them repaired right away since they will only worsen with time and with use.

It's best to opt for professional repairs since the materials used to fill and repair the cracks need to be strong enough to withstand the high temperatures of your fireplace, and the nonprofessional stuff you can buy at your local hardware store isn't going to cut it.


Rust is a problem that is caused by moisture. As such, you don't commonly see it affecting fireplaces. That's not to say, however, that it never does. Usually, rusting will happen if there's some kind of leak or your fireplace has otherwise been exposed to moisture. It's especially common with fireplaces that don't get used very frequently, so inspect your fireplaces even during the off-season.

Either way, if you spot any rust in your fireplace, it's important to determine what caused it and how to fix the problem completely so that it doesn't come back.

Fireplaces can develop a wide range of different issues. However, if you stay on top of them, your fireplace can look great, perform perfectly, and last you for many years to come. Contact a fireplace repair company to help you with any problems that arise.