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Home Renovation Happenings

Six Mistakes That Aggravate Draft Issues Caused By Your Fireplace

Pamela Gonzales

A fireplace is great for making a room feel cozy and warm during the cold winter months. However, drafts are unfortunately a common fireplace issue.

You need to make an effort to prevent drafts from your fireplace or they will likely cause discomfort on home interiors. The following are six mistakes to avoid that could aggravate draft issues caused by your fireplace. 

Burning wood that's either too wet or too green

You'll have a problem with draft issues if you burn the wrong kind of wood in your fireplace. Wood that is moist or green will not burn as readily and as strongly as firewood that has been properly harvested. 

Wood should be dried out for a long time after being cut before it is used in a fireplace. If drafts are a big problem in your fireplace, consider your firewood. Give your firewood more time to dry out before burning it and this could remedy the problem. 

Having no air grill in place

Using an air grill is another thing you can due to facilitate airflow. This will help the fire burn more strongly and thereby keep drafts away. 

Having an improperly sized firebox in relation to the flue

The size ratio between your firebox and your flue needs to be appropriate to avoid drafts. If you have persistent draft issues, discuss this size ratio with your fireplace maintenance and repair service provider. You might need to make some design changes to your fireplace to solve the problem. 

Placing the grate too low

When the fireplace grate is up higher, the fire is burning closer to the channel that goes up through the chimney. This makes it so that the chimney flue gets warmer and thereby prevents cold drafts from forming. 

Not using a blow poker or bellows properly

You need to learn how to correctly supply your fire with air using the blow poker or bellows. These tools are used to help supply the oxygen that keeps the fire burning strongly. They help facilitate the pull up from the chimney so that air flows up out of the chimney rather than down into your interiors. 

The use of the blow poker or bellows is especially important when you are first starting your fire. They can ensure that the fire starts quickly to provide less chance for drafts to occur.  

Failing to use the grate or andirons

Using the grate or andirons picks the fire up off the floor. This allows for airflow underneath the fire. Better airflow helps the fire to burn more easily to prevent drafts from getting down through the chimney, past the fire, and into the interior. 

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